For the better part of two decades, Katy has helped businesses navigate the intricacies of domestic and international politics.  Having worked in non-for-profit, government, oil & gas, and defense - she is an experienced professional who currently directs global business strategy for a Fortune 500 company.    

As a wife and mother of 3 young children, Katy seeks to raise her children as critical thinkers capable of understanding the complexities of the world around them.  A teacher at heart - she has honed ways to introduce topics in terms her kids understand.

Katy has multiple degrees in International Relations and Global Policy Studies and speaks three languages.  Her academic writings have focused on international security studies,  nuclear armaments and the evolution of U.S. political campaigns.  

Creator - SandBox Politics

About Katy

Understanding international politics is no different than watching kids play in a sandbox.  Some kids have shovels, others have rakes, or buckets...or nothing.  Some kids are bigger, older and wiser while others are smaller, younger and less experienced.  Some are helpers and make friends while others are bullies and order kids around.  Some stay in their designated spot in the sandbox play quietly, while others encroach on others play area - knocking down perfected walls and sand castles and create new boundaries.  And when some get mad...they throw sand.  

In March of 2020, our kids came home from school for Spring Break, and never returned.   Like so many, we found ourselves juggling work, childcare and education.  The kids had so many questions - and rightfully so.  Our world was forever altered -- a watershed moment.  Instead of brushing their questions off, we started to talk, as a family, around the table.  Soon we found ourselves living the BLM movement, trying to explain the complexities of institutionalized racism to our children.  Then the elections of 2020, supply chain issues, inflation and the Russian invasion of Ukraine.  We let them watch the news, and ask the questions that guide our conversations.  We use activities, role play, and process art to help our kids gain awareness of these topics in terms they understand.  As my friends watched me teach my own kids, they used my techniques with their own kids - and often asked me how I would explain additional topics.  And thus, Sandbox Politics, was born.  

As my professional world of international politics, and my personal passion of raising my kids collide - I am excited to bring you along on our journey.  I hope that you, too, find joy in raising the next generation of global citizens.  


Sandbox Politics